It is very likely that among your New Year is that to join the gym to lose a few kilos, quit smoking, call more often Aunt of the people, eat more fruits and vegetables and be more effective at work. Since we can not help you with tobacco and food, and we do not know your aunt, we have tried to give you a cable to do more work. We do not talk about work harder, but to make the hours we spend in our professional activity more useful. These five applications will help you a lot.

Five apps to improve your work productivitySlack

Slack is a program of real – time messaging essential to manage projects and teams. Available for desktop and smartphones (iOS and Android), Slack to organize working groups between several members, hold private conversations with each of them, set public and private channels and share all kinds of files. It’s intuitive, easy to set up and, most importantly, integrated with other everyday tools like Twitter, Google Drive, Dropbox or Trello. In Current PC and we explain how it starts and you gave a number of tricks to take advantage.

Any of the

Although not as famous as Wunderlist or Todoist , is a very powerful tool to create task lists . stands out for its interface, which is very clear and simple, and for its functionality, since in just two steps we can create a task and set up a reminder. It allows you to add tasks through a voice command, suggestions or email and also integrates with other applications like Dropbox or Google Drive. It is payment (monthly or annual fee) and is available for iOS and Android .


To monitor the time you spend on each task and each project, one of the most recommended applications is Toggl . It is a tracking tool time especially useful for self – employed or for employees who must take account of their working hours to different projects. It offers an unlimited number of projects and clients and allows to establish different types of invoicing. It is available for iOS and Android , is synchronized in real time with the desktop version. It’s free , but has a paid version ($ 5 / month) if you want to get reports in Excel, manage teams and other more complex functions.

Focus Aid

If you’re into trouble concentrating, maybe you should start organizing your time from spaces of intense work followed by short breaks. At least, that’s what the experts recommend ( pomodoro ) that is based Focus Aid, formerly known as Focus Booster: programs 25 minutes of work and then you have 5 minutes of rest . Easy to use and minimalist design. It is available for iOS.


IFTTT is one of my most famous market in that task automation is concerned. In his unpronounceable name is its essence: “If This Then That”, ie, “if this, then do that” . IFTTT allows us to create recipes (or actions) to automatically carry out others. For example, we can tell the application that we report the weather every morning when we activate mobile, share a picture on Facebook whenever let us go first to Instagram, which retwitee always tweets from a specific account or the phone is available In silence when we are about to go to sleep. Available for iOS and Android for free.