CleanEmail helps you to erase in a few seconds thousands of unnecessary emails that take up valuable space in your inbox

There may be more and more communication tools and all kinds of networks where being social and sharing information, but one of the oldest and most basic of all, email, is still essential, and has not evolved too much in years.

So, the odds are high that in your oldest email account or the one you use the most, or in all those that you have, you have a huge accumulation of emails that you might be scared to know the exact number. CleanEmail is a tool that wants to help you get rid of all the junk you do not need in your inbox, and in the simplest way possible.

CleanEmail helps you to group, organize, delete, tag and archive the emails in your account. If you have an inbox full of email notifications, promotions, unread messages that do not even interest you, it’s hard to decide where to start cleaning.

With this tool you have enough help to make the task less tedious, and especially quick. It is compatible with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo !, Outlook, Fastmail and IMAP .

Your divided inbox using rules and smart filters

This may sound familiar to you, after all there are many email clients that organize your emails automatically according to priority and content. However, what CleanEmail does is different and much more complex.

The first thing that happens when you log in is that the headers of your emails are analyzed by the algorithms of the tool. The data that is analyzed includes the senders and recipients, dates, size of emails, and other information .

Then the emails are organized using smart rules and they are shown to you in a side menu. Clicking on each rule shows you the emails.

CleanEmail shows you the exact number of emails that exist in your inbox and how much space they occupy. The number of rules is huge and very detailed.

Delete in a click the emails of more than 2 years old, the drafts, notifications of social networks, and more.

The tool tells you how many of those emails are archived, how many are more than 2 years old, how many are more than 1 MB , how many are not tagged, how many are unread, how many are social notifications, how many are online shopping emails , how many are emails that you sent yourself, etc.

You can use the ” Quick Clean ” button to get rid of most of the ones you do not need in the fastest way. Once you click there you are shown the emails of those who are going to undo.

The first thing that is done is to archive everything that is more than two years old , to send the social notifications (those stupid emails for Facebook, Twitter, etc. updates), emails from senders that no longer exist, drafts, etc. .

You can schedule automatic actions to keep your tray clean in the next scan. And, you can also create a list of protected emails to be ignored by all the rules in the future.

Pay a little for your privacy

CleanEmail is a paid service, however the first 1,000 emails you clean are free , and you can also expand that amount of emails if you refer your friends.

The service has a cost of 7.99 euros per month for an account, or you can choose to share the service with friends and family and pay 9.99 per month for CleanEmail for five accounts.

Personally the price is a bit high, especially for the option of a single account. However, it can be quite useful to pay only for a month from time to time to clean your inbox and recover space , especially if for example, you’re running if you gig in Gmail.

CleanEmail does not keep, sell or analyze your data to monetize them to share with third parties , and all your login data are encrypted. In fact, they claim that you never access the content of your emails or your attachments.

In addition to this, once the content of your inbox is indexed it is stored in the CleanEmail servers only for 24 hours for you to do the cleaning, each time you are going to make a new one, the emails will be scanned and indexed again. they do not stay with anything for longer than necessary.

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