Black Bird Cleaner, a lightweight tool to clean and optimize Windows

It is not the first time that we talked about programs to optimize the operating system. On other occasions we have already talked about the benefits of software such as System Ninja in the case of Windows, or Stacer in Linux. Today we are going to talk about Black Bird Cleaner, a cleaning and optimization tool for Windows that until now had gone unnoticed for us.

The program can be downloaded and used for free, although there is a paid version. In this sense, it does not differ much from other similar solutions. What is interesting is the little disk space it occupies, barely a megabyte.

The tool has a simple interface that organizes its functions in different tabs, which we enumerate and explain briefly below:

  • Cleaning: In this tab you can clean the different caches of your operating system, as well as temporary files and residual files. It is worth noting that it can detect and clean the “garbage” of up to 50 browsers.
  • PC Optimization: Here are some basic settings, such as free RAM memory, optimize the file system or speed up the PC shutdown, as well as find installation files that you have saved on the PC.
  • Disk Analyzer: With this function, all the hard drives in the computer are searched for the largest files, which can be deleted by right clicking on the file in question.
  • Service Manager: It is a function similar to the “Services” tab of the Task Manager, although it is more limited than the Windows native and, if not handled with care, can “break” the installation or spoil the operating system startup.
  • System Information: In this tab we will see a series of details ordered about our computer. It contains a lot of data that can be consulted, although for end users many of them will surely not be useful. Now, for users with a much more technical profile, surely they will be of help.

By the tests that we have been able to carry out, the program is powerful considering its size. It is very good that you try to go beyond other tools with which you compete, as well as that you have certain adjustments that may be useful to all users.

However, within all this there is a negative part: in some points an end user can be lost if he decides to go beyond cleaning the hard disk. It is not a program for everyone, and if you dare to try it, we recommend that you proceed with great care. As we said before, perhaps users with a more technical profile feel more comfortable with it.

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