This week the interactive malware analysis tool Any.Run has announced that its free version of the community is available and open to anyone. Whoever wishes can register in the service and use his account to interactively analyze, without cost, in an isolated and safe environment for his team, different types of malware.

What makes this analysis utility special is that its operation is completely interactive. This allows the loading of a potentially malicious file and the manipulation of it in real time while the tool carries out its examination. In other isolated test environments you have to load the file and wait for the service to provide the analysis, without allowing any type of interaction.

Any.Run is an interactive analysis tool because it allows you to interact during the exam as in a convtional system

This feature, its main attraction, allows a more visual and revealing testing of all the malware that requires user interaction. As for example, the one that demands the advance through several windows in a facility or plays with the user by launching windows with different messages and options. In addition to allowing in-depth analysis of unidentified malicious objects, it also facilitates the investigation of other types of attacks.

How to use Any.Run

Any.Run works in a fairly simple way to be such a powerful analysis tool.

Finding yourself in the main screen, sending a file to analyze is as simple as going to the top left, clicking on the + New task button and making an initial configuration of the isolated environment . Operating system, in the normal options, and many other details in the advanced settings, such as connectivity options, software to be executed or network. And of course, we will have to load a malware or indicate a URL to analyze.

After these previous steps, click on the Run button and the test will start . The system will start according to our instructions and the required programs will be executed.

During the analysis, we can interact with the system and the malware, if we can interact with it, as we would in a team . The desktop, the Windows menu, the registry editor, the task manager will work … and we can, of course, see network requests, file activity, as well as process calls. Also modified files or registry changes.

This free Any.Run plan allows running tests on a 32-bit Windows operating system, with files of up to 16 Mb and a certain time, among other limitations. Apart from this plan, those responsible for the tool have proposed three payment plans whose launch is prepared . At the moment, we can know its characteristics but not its price.