Being able to legally decorate a blog, a website or a project with images, can sometimes be an extra expense that not everyone can afford. For this reason, on many occasions it tends to tend to pull Google and put the first photo that is found without taking into account the way in which this can harm its author.

Fortunately, there is a trend in the network to offer content under free licenses that is spreading rapidly among image banks, so that more and more resources are available to find and use that perfect photograph for our post or that icon for our project.

The types of free license

  • Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that promotes royalty-free licenses so that the works that benefit from them can be used and shared with total freedom. The different CC licenses combine four basic conditions: the recognition of authorship, the impediment of commercial use, the non-creation of derivative works or the creation of these, but on condition that they continue using the same license.
  • The works are considered to be in the public domain when they are anonymous or their term of protection of copyright expires.
  • The copyleft works are those in which copyright if exercised, but to allow free distribution of copies and modified versions, provided these also preserve the same rights.

31 sites to download free pictures

  • OpenPhoto is one of the first banks of free images of the network, and therefore has a wide catalog of images ordered by theme.
  • Among the thousands of photos we can find on Flickr includes an extensive collection of images protected by Creative Commons licenses that is growing day by day.
  • Wikimedia Commons stores more than 25 million free and free multimedia files, among which we can find hundreds of thousands of photographs and icons.
  • The popular 500px website has also been targeted to stream free content, and includes a section with photos with Creative Commons license.
  • In Public Domain Archive we find an extensive file belonging to the UN, but that the organization has decided to offer for free in the network.
  • Pixabay offers a total of more than 340,000 free photos, vectors and illustrations for us to use as best we can at any time.
  • Picol is a web where we can find many free icons for our websites, and also provide us with tools to create our own.
  • Jay Mantri’s website publishes seven free and free images every Thursday, most of them with everyday objects or views that represent our day to day life.
  • The same philosophy used in Foodie’s Feed , only that as its name indicates its ration of weekly photos are focused on food. Sometimes they even throw sets in which we are shown the same but from different angles.
  • Freeimages is another magnificent library with over 400,000 free high quality images that we can search by name, theme or location.
  • Another web that offers us a free subscription to receive free images is Death to the Stock Photo , where they are very proud to have been used by pages like Wired.
  • If we want snapshots of good resolution and high quality, Free Range Stockoffers them. The only thing we will have to do is register on their website.
  • If you are more interested in quality than quantity, at Stockvault we have a small large collection of about 53,000 logos, free images and textures templates.
  • FreePik offers us almost a million and a half images, buttons, graphics, shadows, templates and free icons.
  • In Little Visuals we also have a good ration of photos with Creative Commons license. They started out as a weekly update website but had to stop its activities after its author died in November 2013. Even so, the images on their website are still available.
  • Free stock images, photographs, textures and wallpapers for free and without needing any subscription, that’s what they offer us in FreeMediaGoo
  • I’m free proposes a complete collection of images, icons and free graphics perfectly organized in different themes.
  • Gettyimages offers a good bank of images and free videos with a search engine in which we can search for ideas and concepts, and even the possibility of finding paid images as well.
  • As its name implies, Viintage offers a large number of old images, and the possibility of subscribing us to get our news to our e-mail.
  • Do you need graphics or icons? OpenClipart offers over 68,000 free of charge for both our private and commercial use.
  • Free Digital Photos offers us its own collection of free images created by professional designers, photographers and illustrators.
  • Gratisography also offers us on your website a good selection of free images for private or commercial use.
  • Free Photos Bank is another interesting bank of free images in which the content in different categories is grouped to make life a little easier.
  • Photopin is a bank of images oriented to the bloggers with thousands of photographs protected with Creative Commons, that yes, with attribution requests
  • New Old Stock is a website dedicated to old photographs in which the images that have always been free are combined with those that have been left under public domain at the expiration of their copyright.
  • With the only requirement to credit its author, AMGmedia also offers us a good collection of free photographs for all tastes.
  • In Unsplash they put at our disposal a total of ten free photos in high resolution every ten days so that we can do with them what we want.
  • In the web of Picography also we can find a good collection of free images in high resolution, in which we will also find shots with faces or belonging to events.
  • Dreamstime is another image bank that has included a section with free files and licensed of Creative Commons.
  • Created by a team of photographers and illustrators, rgbstock offers us a lot of free captures for all tastes
  • Food, nature and public transport are some of the themes offered by Cepolina in its collection of free images.