If you are looking to improve your bowling style, check out these tips to help you on your way. Before you know it, you’ll be bowling like a pro. You should also consider investing in some good bowling supplies so your equipment is just right for your needs.

Expert Bowling

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Ride the Slide

Bowling shoes are specially designed to allow the wearer to “slide” into their bowl. This works to maximise the ball’s momentum, thereby increasing the power behind it and ensuring those pins will be knocked flying. Whichever arm you use to bowl, slide on the opposite foot

Keep Your Feet Firmly on the Ground

Stay more balanced as you bowl by extending the arm you do not use to bowl. Not only will this prevent you from falling over when you swing, it will also help you to remain more in control.

Reach Out!

As you bowl, extend your bowling arm forward all the way rather than letting it stop once it is parallel with your body. By doing so your bowl will be more powerful and more precise.

Small, Smooth Steps

As you swing, keep those steps small and smooth. Shoulders and hips should remain square to the pins. To achieve that all-important strike, direct the swing exactly in the direction you want the ball to travel and its desired destination.

It’s All About The Ball

Take the time to choose the right ball. A ball that is too light will lack control, while one that is too heavy won’t let you achieve that crucial momentum. Ensure you pick a ball with a comfortable grip that allows you to hold onto it when you need to but also release it easily when the time is right. Check out http://www.petesproshop.co.uk for customised bowling balls and a large range of other bowling supplies

Stay Awake

Always look ahead to keep those pins firmly in sight. Take care to note exactly where the foul line is. Stepping over it will result in a penalty; your final score won’t include any pins knocked down on that occasion. Keep alert and awake at all times.

Relax and Have Fun!

Most importantly, as with any sport, bowling should be fun. If you find this isn’t the case, you need to relax a little. Chances are good that your bowling technique will improve if you relax.