10 tips for a perfect holiday gift for an athlete

Giving gifts is always difficult, so we decided to give you a hand to make the right choice… Christmas is approaching and after having decorated the house with the tree and the crib a doubt assails all people, what do you do as a gift? If your loved ones are lovers of the sport here are some tips to make them even happier when they open their surprises.

As first advice we believe that the ideal gift is the full of their favorite team. Football, basketball or volleyball that is, any sportsman wants to wear the colors he loved to support their team. To make the happy recipient of this gift the price range is around $80-$90.

Image Source: Google image
Image Source: Google image

Another gift that is much appreciated by the vast majority of sports is definitely the fundamental object that is the basis of many sports: the Ballon. Again no matter what sport it is, just that allows everyone to play everywhere and to continue training to try to realize their dream. The price is much lower than the previous guidance; it is around $20-$40.

When every lover of football detailed sees Christmas as an opportunity to change the companions of a thousand battles: boots. Here, however, the price range is raised, and also of a lot, and it’s also going to be very large boots that cost $70 to boots that cost $200.

For lovers of volleyball the ideal gift is definitely what allows the practitioners of the sport to bring their passion always with him, thanks to a chain of jewelry “circuits” designed for volleyball, confirming the close relationship between fashion and sports. This great gift not even weighs too much on the portfolio with a price ranging from $30 to $60.

This gift is dedicated to all fans of sports that are practiced mainly in solitude like the swimming, the race or the gym. To avoid loneliness advice is to give the mp3 (even water) to keep company. The price is quite reasonable and is between $15 and $30.

For fans of tennis the most obvious gift is surely more appropriate: a racket. For this gift is the same argument made by the balls, it’s definitely a nice gift and suitable. The price range varies a lot; in fact, you can find racquets to $70 as $300.

The air Christmas always brings more joy to those who love the cold and winter sports, because the greater chance for them to practice. In this case the perfect gift could be a snow suit; ideal to face the cold is to engage in the snow. The price is between $200 and $400.

Also for winter sports enthusiasts another gift could be a pair of ice skates. The cost of this gift is between $25 and $60.

For fans of cycling there is no better gift to be received if a new bike with which to go around and run. Of course the price in this case stands up by much; in fact, the cost is between $100 and $500.

The last advice I give to make a perfect gift for athletes is to buy a ticket to go see a match of your favorite sport, perhaps the most desired gift.

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