supplying uniforms

The advantages of supplying uniforms for your restaurant staff

Supplying your waiting or bar staff with uniforms has a number of advantages for both your business and your employees. Uniforms for serving staff can be as simple as a plain shirt and black trousers or skirt, but presenting a unified and professional image to customers is priceless.

supplying uniforms

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Many companies offering catering supplies and equipment will also have an extensive uniform or business clothing selection, enabling you to kit out all your staff in one easy step. Here are some of the main benefits of introducing uniforms for your wait or bar staff:


Perhaps one of the most important advantages of supplying uniforms for your staff is the sense of consistency it promotes. If staff are all dressed in the same way, you can be confident that they all present the same image i.e. the one you want them to present about your business – and they can be easily identified by customers who might need attention. Uniforms in any work setting present a professional and trustworthy image.

Easier for staff

Having a designated outfit for work means staff don’t have to worry about what to wear when it’s time for their shift. They also don’t have to worry about staining or damaging their own clothes while they work. Reputable retailers such as 247 catering supplies carry a choice of uniform items, perfect for catering or bar staff. By providing your employees with comfortable and high quality uniforms, you ensure they will always look smart and presentable for work.

No inappropriate dress issues

Even if you have guidelines in place for staff to remind them of how they should dress for work, you will always come up against individuals who don’t quite make the grade. Rather than having to send people home to change for not following dress guidelines, or have awkward conversations with them about their appearance and presentation, uniforms make it easy for all staff members to look smart and presentable at all times.

Brand promotion

By having your staff uniforms customised, you can help promote your business with very little outlay. Customising uniforms could be as simple as adding a sewn-on badge to shirts, or providing staff with aprons with your restaurant name printed in them. This helps your business look professional, and will ensure your establishment’s name sticks in the minds of your customers.

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