Why it’s important to stay connected.

The recent crisis. The unprecedented situation. These trying times. Like me you’ve probably heard lots of different ways to describe the global pandemic of COVID. Forced into our homes, turfed out of the pubs and clubs, denied access to our friends and family,  it seems as if the world has shrunk to miniature levels and we’ve all had to be more inward looking. It’s highlighted that the need to stay connected has never been more needed than now.

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We’ve found new ways to stay connected. Technology has really come through for us. Just as the good people at Vodafone Carrick-on-Shannon. They know that they’ve had more business come through during the curious lockdowns as we turn to phones, laptops and tablets to communicate with each other remotely. It’s hard to imagine how the world could have carried on without Zoom, Teams and Portal. Whatsapp with its video phone tech has also played a major role in keeping us in touch.

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Why is it so important to stay connected? It’s for our physical and mental well being. Knowing that loved ones are safe and sound is essential to keeping us feeling better about ourselves. It’s an anchor in a world that appears to have left all realms of normality ( and it will take many of us time to get back to that). It’s also a reminder that this too will pass, as everything does. It is something for us all to cling onto over the last few months.

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