When TV is good, it’s Breaking Bad.

One of Netflix’s first forays into the world of television programme series production was to prove a winner. It installed confidence in the streaming service, and it has not looked back since. The show was Breaking Bad. It featured a seemingly totally out-of-character Bryan Cranston, who was primarily known for comedy roles such as Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, turning into a very serious one. It was to prove to be a great success as Cranston excels at the role and truly brings the character of Walter White, or Heisenberg as his associates know him, to life.

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Walter has a problem. He is sick of his maudlin job. He wants something with adventure and excitement. He ends up using his skills as a school chemistry teacher to produce a highly addictive drug. At least if he’d tried using the money to open up a bank account or get a mortgage, he would have soon fallen foul of AML IDENTITY VERIFICATION like those from https://www.w2globaldata.com/regulatory-compliance-solutions-and-software/aml-id-checks/.

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Walter has some justification for going down this route. He is a science teacher at a local high school. He is extremely overqualified for the role but has had to take it to make ends meet. To make things even worse, he also has stage 3 cancer of the lungs meaning that treatment is required.

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