What not to put in a Skip

There are certain rules and regulations that control what you can put in a skip. For example certain ones have certain criteria and the hire company will need to know what you are planning to throw away before they rent it to you. For example if you have just dug up the garden for a patio and you need a load of turf and soil then they can have the right one ready for you. Do not suddenly heave a load of non recyclable material in there as this creates issues for them when they come to throw it away.

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One thing you should definitely avoid is excessive amounts of liquid. Skips are not waterproof and if it is full of water this can add to a considerable amount of weight when it is hoisted back up onto the low load lorry to be taken away. You need to be specific about the amount of waste you are going to produce as this can affect the ability of the firm to remove it for you. Check with the firm, say Carmarthen Skip Hire specialists Pendragon Skip Hire, before you put it in.

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One thing that you should never do is place an entire caravan in the skip! This was the scene that greeted the firm that came to collect it. What astounded them was the fact that the customer had not even bothered to break it down first, it was just dumped on top. The hire firm employees still wonder how they managed to lift it up onto the Skip even to this day.

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