What is a Restraining Order?

A protective order or restraining order is a legal document issued by a judge in a court of law that limits a person, business, organisation, state, county, etc., in a situation concerning alleged domestic violence, domestic assault, child abuse, battery, sexual assault, stalking, or other similar crime. Pursuant to this type of order, the alleged perpetrator is prohibited from coming within a specific distance from the victim, as well as from contacting the victim in any form. Violation of this order can result in substantial fines or even a custodial sentence.

In cases such as domestic violence or harassment, perpetrators are often instructed to stop contacting their alleged victim, as well as to not go near them or their family members in any way. In some situations, victims may also be instructed to not go to specific places, either while on holiday or during times when they are at work. For advice from a Solicitor Gloucester, visit a site like Dee and Griffin Gloucester solicitors

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Unfortunately, there are many instances where victims are not aware that the perpetrator is in violation of a restraining order. Also many victims may not immediately call police authorities or file a police report in response to the alleged abuse, believing that there is no further danger involved. As such, these victims can be subject to further abuse and harassment in the future, with the potential of the abuser being able to continue their harassment. For legal advice, be sure to contact a solicitor who can help.

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