Ways to make moving less stressful

Anyone who has ever moved home understands how exhausting it can be. As well as the physical upheaval, the legalities of buying and selling can often seem impossible to understand. Why not consider these tips for a more enjoyable experience?

  • Locate the best conveyancer.

Professional conveyancers should belong to an industry association, meaning they will have pledged to provide an exemplary service that gives peace of mind that you should have a positive experience. The Conveyancing Association has a website to locate members in your area. For more information on Conveyancing Solicitors Cheltenham, go to https://www.deeandgriffin.co.uk

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  • An estate agent you can trust

Finding an estate agent you trust is crucial, and you’ll want open lines of communication, particularly for updates on the process. An estate agent is a vital link and go-between for all involved parties and transactions. They help coordinate the process, so choosing a good one will go a long way toward a smoother experience.

  • Be aware of leasehold complexities.

Buying or selling a leasehold property will be a more complex legal process, and you can expect the process to take longer. Patience is vital in ensuring that the conveyancer checks have been done thoroughly. As financial responsibility falls on you at completion, you’ll want to ensure everything has been carried out correctly.

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  • Get regular updates

Consider setting a time and day each week that your conveyancer and estate agent will get in touch to provide an update. This coordination will help ensure timely communication and that all parties are kept in the loop.

  • Start instructing straightaway

Instructing a conveyancer as soon as possible means you can make significant headway and begin preparing for the big move. This can help to remove the stress from the process from early on.

  • Get documents in order.

Getting all necessary documents together early on will help to avoid delays in the process. For example, your conveyancer will need photo identification, such as a passport and proof of address. If the documents require posting, then consider the certifying service provided by the Post Office.

  • Deal with contracts promptly.

If any queries arise, get back to your estate agent or conveyancer as soon as possible. This includes dealing with paperwork such as contracts, which should be signed and returned as quickly as possible to avoid any hold-ups. Remember that your conveyancer will be able to exchange contracts once all documents are received and checked.

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