The early bird catches… get ahead of the crowd with spring DIY plans

Although it might seem like we’re still in the depths of winter, now is a good time to start looking forward and making plans for the spring. If you’ve got jobs that need to be done around the home, make a plan now and put them into action over the coming weeks.

The early bird catches

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Get water-savvy

With all the recent flooding, it might seem hard to imagine that water is actually a scarce and expensive resource, so look for ways to use it wisely around the home. Replacing an inefficient shower head can slash £65 off your water bill. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a dripping tap can waste more than 5,500 litres of water annually, so change washers on leaky taps.

Get on your bike

Your bicycle might have been stored away over winter, but once the weather improves, you might want to bring it out of hibernation and get some exercise. Don’t wait until you want to use your bike to give it a thorough inspection; do it beforehand so that when a sunny, spring day arrives, you can hop on the saddle knowing you’ve given it a check-up. The NHS suggests looking for bulges or cuts on the tyres, which can be signs that tyres are wearing and need to be replaced.

Give your boiler a health check

If your boiler struggled to do its job efficiently over the winter, now is a good time to find out if there’s anything wrong with it. Whether you’re looking for a boiler repair in Brighton or elsewhere, keeping your boiler in efficient condition can help to reduce your energy bills. For a boiler repair in Brighton or other places, always choose an accredited engineer on the Gas Safe Register.

Outside maintenance

Winter weather can really take its toll on your garden. Perhaps your fence panels need to be repaired, your garden furniture needs to be repainted, rust has appeared on metal gates, or your outside drains are clogged up with leaves. As soon as you can get outside, set to work on repairing outdoor jobs rather than leaving them to build up during spring and summer. The sooner you get cracking on getting your garden back into shape after winter, the sooner you can start enjoying it again.

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