The Crystals Used for Healing

Crystals and their mysterious beauty have fascinated humans for thousands of years. As well as being treasured as items of jewellery, they are also used as medicinal, and each crystal is said to have powers to aid healing.

The interest in ancient medicine has increased recently and crystals for healing are readily available at places like this crystal shop West Wales. So if you are looking for the right crystal for you, here are some of the popular types, and the special powers that they hold…

Rose Quartz – This is a very popular crystal and is associated with love and the heart chakra. Helping the person who carries it to practise self-love and open up to love and trust, it also helps to promote harmonious relationships.

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Obsidian – This dark and enigmatic stone is the protector of the crystals. Helping to release the emotional blockages and protect the user from negative influences and emotions. It provides clarity of mind and a mental strength and is also said to help with digestive troubles.

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Clear Quartz – This is one of the most popular of all the healing crystals – it helps by regulating energy and bringing an inner peace and calm. It is also said to strengthen the immune system.

Tigers Eye – The ultimate motivator – this stone helps to empower the mind and prepare you for action, calming anxiety and worry. If you are set to take a big step into the unknown for example or begin a new chapter in your life this could be the stone for you.

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