Self care is something that is important for everyone to ensure that they feel their best and reduce the risk of developing mental illness. Mental illness for men is still not spoken of as much and for many men it can be seen as a taboo, something is reflected in the fact that suicide statistics show suicide rates to be much higher in males.

Men tend not to talk about their feelings as much as females, as to many men there can be a lot of stigma around doing this with it being wrongly perceived as a sign of weakness.

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Caring for yourself is important, and here are some of the things that you can do in order to keep you feeling well mentally…

Write it Down – If you find talking about how you are feeling difficult, writing it down is a good way to get it all off your chest. Get a journal that you can keep somewhere private just for you, and write down how you are feeling in it. This way you will be able to get your feelings out and not have them building up inside you.

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Take Care of your Appearance – Taking care of how you look can help you to feel great and give you a real confidence boost. Get a good skincare routine and eat healthily for example. If there are things that you are not happy with, find out ways that you can tackle them. For example, if baldness makes you feel self-conscious, look into ways that you can tackle it, such as this scalp micropigmentation Solihull based company for example.

Spend Time with People you Trust – Spending time with trusted friends and family can naturally help you to feel better and you can build relationships and open up about how you are feeling or ask for advice with problems that you may be having. Having a good support network around you is important for everyone.

Exercise Outdoors – Getting fresh air and spending time outdoors does wonders for mental health, as does exercise. Doing outdoor sports and activities like golf, cycling or hiking are all fantastic ways to help improve your mental health and also help to keep your body fit and well.