How to Wear a Suit with Panache

The correct suit can show that men mean business, and it’s important to get the style and rules right. Although suit etiquette is slowly disappearing due to men styling themselves in a more carefree manner, simple rules should remain and modern gents should be in tune with them.

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First Impressions Always Count in Business

A smart suit always impresses customers, and it can be the difference between sealing a deal and losing a deal. Now, with more people working from home or adopting a hybrid method, the suit has fallen in the popularity stakes. Smart-casual is becoming more popular, but some people like to fall back on the suit.

What Are the Rules for Wearing a Suit?

Some men are unaware of simple rules, such as the ideal length of a tie. Your tie should just about touch the waistband of your trousers. It should not be too long or too short. Gentlemen should also be aware that the width of a tie should match the width of the suit lapel. Skinny ties and wide lapels are a no-no.

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How Long Should My Suit Jacket Be?

A perfect suit jacket should be just long enough to cover the zip of your trousers. The top button on a jacket with two buttons should fall in the region of your navel. Men can shop for the latest trends at Lyle & Scott menswear, whether it’s a fashionable new shirt you want to complement your existing suit or simply buy some casual wear. At Lyle & Scott menswear you can freshen up your going-out look for the incoming season. According to The Financial Times, there are some notable books focusing on the art of fashion. The must-reads of 2021 delve into wardrobes and reveal how culture has had an impact on style.

What About My Trousers and Socks?

Always wear tasteful socks and make sure they come up your leg high enough so that your bare skin is not exposed. And that’s where the importance of trouser length comes in. Stylish young men have recently adopted a penchant for cropped summery-style trousers and even rolled-up hems. However, the true way is to aim for the hem of the trousers to be about one half to two-thirds of the way down the shoe, allowing for a small fold. This break is ideal for different styles of trousers, from flat front to pleated.

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