Birds that Spend Winter in the UK

In the winter, many of our birds head south for sunnier climes. However, we also have some that arrive from more northerly places to spend winter here – wrap up warm in fishermans sweaters for women like this and go and see if you can spot any of the winter visitors…

Waxwing – These birds are striking and beautiful. It is clear to see as it doesn’t look like any other native bird. It is around the same sort of size as a starling and with its bright red wing feathers can be a sight to see in the winter woods.

It tends to be found more in the eastern regions of the UK, often in parks where it feasts on berries of the Rowan tree.

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Fieldfare – This member of the thrush family is often also mistaken for a thrush. They are a little larger than the blackbird and they have a fondness for hedgerows. Unlike a thrush, they are typically found in groups and the hedgerows attract them as they feast on berries such as haws and blackberries.

Their call is one of the distinctive features, sounding a little like a chuckling noise.

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Brambling – These sweet little birds are around the same size as the native chaffinch. The males and the females do differ in colour, however, it is not easy to tell them apart as the males’ plumage is at its brightest and most striking during the summer months, when they can be found further north, in Scandinavia and also Russia.

The head of the male is a blue grey colour, and the female tends to be a buff colour. Both birds have an orange breast, but the females are also more dull.

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