Adorable Otters and their natural quirky, playful habits

Having slim, lean bodies, relatively short legs and sturdy webbed feet with powerful sharp claws the playful Otter is a fast and accomplished swimmer and catches his fish supper with agility and ease. From fast flowing Rivers like the Gissage near Honiton in Devon to the Northern and Eastern Pacific Oceans the adorable Otter is thriving.  If you are lucky enough to live near a town like Honiton and enjoy the Shops in Honiton high street you might get asked about the local Otters that live in the River as well as What shops are in Honiton high street?

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Otters are an intracule part of the Mustelid Family that includes animals such as the Weasel, the Stoat, the Badger and the Polecat.  Their acute sense of smell, pinpoint hearing and sharp vision makes the Otter a fearsome predator although they cannot stay submerged underwater for longer than thirty seconds at a time.  Chattering away and communicating with each other though whistles, spitting sounds and twittering noises the Otter is quite vocal and lives alongside the River bank in a Holt.  When the adorable Otter Cubs are born, they are raised by their parents and stay together for over a year.

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Despite environmental threats, persecution by gamekeepers and fishermen, accidental road deaths and the use of harmful pesticides, the hardy Otter now inhabits every County in the United Kingdom.  Helping to restore a natural ecological balance they are happily learning to live in harmony with Man.

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