There are unlimited window dressing choices for a rental property including those that offer Student Accommodation Cheltenham way , and there are lots of considerations when deciding what is best for you and your tenants.

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Cost, durability, maintenance and aesthetics should guide your decision. Here are a few factors to consider.

Curtains give a more traditional feel to your property, and you can indulge with pelmets and tie backs for a luxurious finish. Of course, you can also choose curtains with a clean, modern look depending on the type of tenant you are trying to attract.

Blinds are synonymous with contemporary simplicity, but can be dressed up to create a classic look, with wooden shutters, for example.

Further things to consider:

Ground floor and basement apartments can often be exposed to higher levels of humidity, in which case blinds would be a better choice.
Thermal curtains may be the preferred option if the property has single glazing, as thicker material would keep the heat in.
Blinds may be easier to maintain and clean with simple dusting.
You may want to opt for cordless blinds for safety, particularly if you are letting to families or tenants with pets.

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Bear in mind the position of your radiators, as if you are opting for curtains, you will want to ensure they don’t cover the radiator, which would restrict the flow of heat.
Net curtains don’t usually have a long life expectancy and you may find yourself replacing low cost versions once a year.
Curtains with bold colouring will fade, especially in strong sunlight.
For the best of both worlds, you could combine curtains and blinds, but make sure you make a note of both dressings in your property inventory software.

Keeping an inventory

Both curtains and blinds have pros and cons, but either way, you will be spending your hard earned money on dressing the windows, so it’s recommended to use a good property inventory systems in order to settle any disputes.

Research reveals that up to 33% of tenants steal from their rented property according to property industry eye.

These findings highlight the importance of making an inventory to prevent potential damage and even theft from your rented properties. Investment in good inventory software will pay for itself.