Why quantity surveyors are essential

When you are looking at a building project one of the most essential members of the team is that of the quantity surveyor.  There is almost some kind of mystique about this role as to what a quantity surveyor  actually does.  What they do is perform the most vital role.  Whilst they may not be the person that designs the building or even takes part in the building of it, they are still very important and need to be consulted at all points.  Before you begin any kind of build you need to speak to Quantity Surveying Companies like www.tc-consult.co.uk/service/quantity-surveying. With the depth of experience that they have they can provide you with the correct kind of service and information that you need.

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What a quantity surveyor does is to provide possibly the most practical element of a build.  They will look at the site that you’re proposing to build on and will judge whether it is suitable for you.  At all points they will discuss the feasibility of the build and its financial ongoing costs .  In other words, it is the role of the quantity surveyor to make sure that any budget that you have set is stuck to.

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We are all aware of how builds can go wildly out of control in terms of spending. If the architect or somebody else decides that they want to immediately change to a new building material it is the role of the quantity surveyor to remind all that this was not the agreed plan in the first place.

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