Why Do Blocked Drains Smell So Bad?

If you have ever had a blocked drain in your house, then you know how horrible the smell can be that comes along with it. It can make you sick to the point of not wanting to enter your house at all until you get things fixed up. The reason why this smell comes along with a blocked drain is because the water that is backing up in your sink, bathtub or whatever you’re trying to unblock becomes trapped in these blockages. What happens is the trapped water will slowly start to eat away at whatever’s clogged, and as long as there is no other way for the water to get out, the smell will remain. So in order to get rid of the foul smell, you need to take a few moments and learn what you can do to solve the problem.

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The most common answer to the question of why do blocked drains smell so bad is because when you’ve finally gotten the water flowing again, the smell will most likely be back. A great way to fix this problem is to spray some baking soda down the drain after you have flushed it. This will neutralize any of the smells that are left behind from the blocked drain, and it will also help to get the sink or tub clean so you don’t have to worry about what’s going to stay down there. For CCTV Surveys Cheltenham, visit https://drainawayenviro.co.uk/services/drainage-solutions/cctv-drain-camera-surveys/cctv-drain-survey-cheltenham/

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When blockages build up, it combines with anything else that was stuck in the drain to give off an awful smell. The important thing to remember here is that you need to take care of your drain problems as soon as possible!

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