No decoration can be complete without them. The curtains are all household textiles, one of the most basic and decorative. Therefore, you should not miss in any room of the house, decorating and help us gain some privacy in our environments.

Need help to choose the curtains? In that case, do not miss the clues that we offer in our article today, as we explain how to decorate the house with curtains.

house with curtains

The size and shape of the window

Before thinking about the design of our curtains, we must consider the size and shape of the window and the direction of our window. This is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons but also to maximize the light of the sun, thick curtains to gain privacy or light and light color to make light in our darkest rooms?

When decorating with curtains, other details that we consider are the meters of fabric you will need. Experts recommend we add about 15 centimeters long. But if you want to give a dramatic and stylish touch to the windows, you can add another 10 centimeters over the long curtains to drag on the ground.

Elegant windows

If we talk about trends, falling curtains it is also very important to win a bonus decoration. Therefore, we recommend you to choose thick and heavy fabrics. The canvas, thick cotton, and linen are great allies.

But if you want to give a really elegant windows of the house, nothing better to add small touches such important details as the curtain holders. These accessories not only help us to pick up the curtains but also add a touch of the most elegant to the decor. Romantic and classic Aires, that usually succeeds in all kinds of environments, both in period furnishings and more contemporary rooms.

Another interesting option may be to add tassels, cords and haul wood to put the final decor as the elegant touch. For those seeking a classic decor, double curtains are a great solution because they help us create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Decoration and functionality

Naturally, the choice of curtains not only depends on the size of the window and aesthetics but also in the room of the house in question. While in rooms such as the living room and bedroom seek purely decorative designs into functional environments like the kitchen and the bathroom are committed to more practical curtains.

Therefore, if the curtains are for the bathroom and kitchen, our advice is to bet on resistant designs. Do not be put off only by the design and aesthetics, and choose materials like cotton that are durable and easy to clean.

In some environments, it may be better to choose curtains or blinds instead of the traditional curtains. The blinds are more practical than conventional models.

Colors and patterns

But if you are thinking of the smallest room of the house, the children’s creative designs and colors help give color to the environment, while stimulating the imagination of children.

And it is that the colors and patterns are very important in choosing the curtains, as they must be related to the decoration of the room. If the room is large and bright with large windows, you can afford curtains with bold prints and elegant dark colors. But if instead it is a little bit bright room, nothing beats prints smooth, light fabrics and light colors.

But if you have doubts and do not know how to hit, neutral colors and white are always a great eternal election.