What to think about when planning an extension

Having an extension added on to your home is an exciting time and often means that you will be getting that all important extra space that you have longed for. When planning an extension to your home there are a number of things that you need to consider.

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Budget – of course your budget is going to have an impact on the type of extension that you have built and the way in which you decorate it. When planning your budget it is always a good idea to have an contingency pot for any unexpected costs that may arise such as pipework.

Windows – not only do you need to think about the types of windows that you are going to have and how many but you also need to think about covering for them. Extensions can get warm when the sun is directly on them, especially if they are mainly glass in construction. For this reason you should think about the types of window dressing such as curtains and blinds.

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Heating – as well being warm in the summer, extensions can get cold in the winter. One great option for alleviating this is to have an Underfloor Heating Gloucestershire company come in and fit your flooring. The underfloor heating is efficient at heating your home and is easily controlled and it does not eat into your energy bills as much as you might initially think.

Decoration – once you have thought of all of these practical elements you can move onto the exciting part of decorating and kitting your extension out with your chosen furniture and knick-knacks.

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