What to know about park home insurance

Insurance for park homes will cover situations such as vandalism and inclement weather damage. The cost of insurance for a mobile home can vary and depends upon the location, size of the property, and how old it is. It’s important to remember that you will be unable to cover your park home with a regular home insurance policy.

What is covered in park home insurance?

Park home insurance usually covers fire, theft, vandalism, storm, flooding or other weather damage and accidental damage to the property. The availability of flood cover will vary by area so it’s best to check with your provider. Policies may also cover loss or damage by subsidence.

Will my insurance offer me emergency accommodation?

If your home becomes uninhabitable for whatever reason, your policy may offer you alternative accommodation while your property is unavailable. Home emergency cover can often be built into your insurance product. Insurers understand what park home living is all about and can offer the necessary cover to give you peace of mind year round.

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Are there any residential park homes near me?

Park home living is an enjoyable way of life for many and there will be a facility near you which will offer convenience, comfort and affordability. If you wish to enjoy a luxurious taste of Parkhomelife, it’s good to know they are easy to maintain, they are safe and secure, and allow you to enjoy a modern way of living in a friendly community.

It’s good news too for park home residents who thought they were going to miss out on energy assistance. According to This Is Money, those living in park homes can finally apply for the £400 government energy bill help.

What else should I know about insuring a park home?

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Park homes located on sites in areas that enjoy a low crime rate are usually less expensive to insure. The bigger the home, the more expensive the insurance premium will be as it may cost more for repairs. Newer models are more attractive and less expensive than older homes that have suffered wear and tear. If you have a home with a higher market value, then it will cost more to insure. Installing smoke detectors and a burglar alarm, in addition to implementing other security methods, will help to reduce your premium, in the same way as a bricks-and-mortar property.

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