What level of survey do you need?

When buying a home you will need to have a survey to see if the property is suitable to be lent on. There are several levels of survey that you can have and a lot it depends on the property that you are looking to purchase. This is one of the main reasons why you need a survey to ascertain whether the property is worth buying and lending on.

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For a new build property it is generally considered that the lowest level of survey is required. It should be hoped that the house is never going to be any better than when it has just been finished by the builders. They are the professionals after all using modern techniques and materials. In fact it has been known of the surveyor to basis their report on the technical drawing and artist impression of the property to be built.

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Older properties will need a deeper focus. For those built in the 1930’s onwards it is certainly recommended that you have a home buyers report or a level 2. The homebuyers report was created to make a unified report that both buyer, seller and lender can easily understand and base decisions on.

For properties older than 1930 then you should look at getting a level 3. This is the full report. However as Sam Conveyancing, the Building Survey Birmingham based company will tell you, you don’t have to.

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