What is the Colour Wheel?

A colour wheel or colour circle is a graphical representation of colour relationships around a flat, circular circle, which clearly shows the relations between primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours etc. The colour wheel was first invented in kindergarten, with the goal of helping children distinguish colours by identifying how they would be used most often with other objects. This is why we still use the same coloured primary colours when decorating: red green and blue, as well as the white that represents all the rest. It is used by designers and others in home decor such as Blinds Tewkesbury companies who help their customers to find windows coverings that will match their existing home decor.

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The wheel itself was developed by an Italian art designer called Andrea Palladino. The most common colour wheel that you will find shows colours in the order that they are found in nature (that is, the colours that are most available and easiest to obtain in your environment). However some colour wheel systems also include other colours which are considered rarer but equally exciting. For example, there is a colour wheel system that shows magenta, yellow and orange in the same group, because they are rarer and therefore interesting, but it also shows blue violet, indigo, dark green and other very uncommon colours.

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It is important to understand the basic meanings of each colour. Orange is warm, yellow is cool, red is hot, green is natural, and blue is neutral. So for example, to learn the meaning of blue, you need to understand what the most common colours are, i.e. green, red and yellow. Once you know what the basic colours are, then you can experiment with the combination’s to create your own unique colour scheme, which will make you look and feel more confident about yourself.

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