Most people don’t use their garages to store their cars in and Oak Garages have become much more about storing other items that you might not have space for in your home. Just take a look at to see some great examples.

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The list of things that you can store in a garage is fairly long, but it begins with the obvious. Just about anything can go in a garage, from shovels to wheelbarrows; the list goes on. Other common items found in the average garage are things like bicycles and exercise equipment, lawnmowers, garden tools, and recreational vehicles, such as snowmobiles and motorcycles.

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Some more interesting things like boats, planes, and motorbikes also belong in a garage. As with the typical items mentioned above. For instance, if you’re looking for a boat to store in your garage, chances are good that you’ve either got a boat that’s no longer in use or don’t know where to get one.

Garages are also often the place where work equipment and tools are kept, especially if you also use this place to mend and create items. It is a popular place for people to create makeshift workshops that have work benches and all the woodworking tools that might be needed, to hand.

It is important to think about what items will be safe in your garage as well as whether you need to have an insulation and internal walls placed into the space so that the items you put in there will not be susceptible to the damage that can be caused by drops in temperature.