Running a hotel or B&B can be a challenging business. With so much accommodation on offer, it is crucial to give guests a reason to choose you over a competitor. The location of your premises, the facilities you offer and the levels of service that you provide will help attract visitors. But to really make yourself stand out from the crowd, think about adding some more unusual accommodation options.

Unusual Accommodation

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Treat your guests to something different

Holidaymakers are constantly looking for new experiences to try to make their leisure time more memorable. Different types of activities, new cultural experiences and fresh perspectives on food and drink can be very appealing. However, one of the biggest new trends is that holidaymakers are seeking to push the boundaries with new types of accommodation. Lodgings in every kind of structure, from martello towers to converted double decker buses, are proving more popular than ever. Giving your holiday accommodation a facelift by installing a shepherd hut can make your business extremely appealing to potential clients.

Comfortable and cosy

Camping offers a great of flexibility, with no need to be out of the hotel room at a certain time for it to be cleaned, and no set dining schedule. Added to this that many campsites are set in stunning locations surrounded by spectacular natural wonders, it’s easy to see why it remains a firm favourite. However, some people are put off by the lack of home comforts, worrying that no cooking facilities or a leaky tent will spoil their holiday. But glamping, or glamorous camping, is an increasingly popular choice for couples and families. Giving all the versatility of camping but in more luxurious surroundings, this type of holiday has a broad appeal. Cotswold Shepherd Huts are a great option for those considering a glamping holiday. These quirky little huts have enormous charm and are the perfect combination of rustic and romantic caravan living. More comfortable than a tent, they can be kitted out with beds and even stoves to provide warm, cosy accommodation.  Inside the hut you could kit it out with antique furnishings, you could even grab a bargain by visiting architectural salvage companies like Period Homes Northern Ireland who often have an array of beautiful items for the home.

A practical solution

Not only do they add a quirky, distinctive touch to your accommodation options, but huts can be a practical addition too. They allow you cater for a larger number of guests without having to make significant building alterations to your existing premises and since they are on wheels, planning permission is not required. Not only does this help you to make the most of your available space but also to maximise your revenue, especially during busy periods. In addition, many visitors are attracted by the relative simplicity of this type of accommodation, preferring a rustic holiday experience that does not create too much additional work for you.

Cute, quirky and packed full of rustic charm, a Cotswold Shepherd Hut can not only attract extra visitors to your business by giving you a unique selling point but also help to boost your revenue.