Something we value highly when choosing furniture for our home is storage space, but not always have all we would like. In this case, it is best to make the most of every corner, organizing well our stuff and freeing us from anything that did not use. Specifically, the cabinet is one of the areas that cause us problems in this regard. We give you some tricks about it.

We keep in the closet all kinds of clothing and accessories, often including some broken or too worn garments. Also, we do not always have enough time to organize it, so we accumulate more and more clutter inside.

Tricks to get the most out of your closetGetting the most out of our closet

The following tips will help us make the most…

  1. Get rid of what you do not use. Surely, we keep broken or worn garments, intending to fix them someday. If we will not do it soon you’d better throw them or make them rags. If it comes to clothes that no longer we like or do not get us well, we can donate them or sell them; in this way we can replace the site occupied by parts in good condition.
  2. Make available the clothes that we use. For convenience, we can put more clothes we put in the closet area more accessible. So you will not need to waste time rummaging have every time we want to find a particular garment. The more we have to look at, the easier it will be to choose an outfit for each day.
  3. Establish a criterion of order. As we are most comfortable, we can sort clothes by color, style, size … We just have to find the method that we like.
  4. Use hangers with bar. Better if they slip, to prevent clothing fall. With this type of hangers, we cannot just hang folded pants, so they take up less space, but also allow us to place two or three pieces in a single hanger. It is also recommended to be wooden, plastic because they tend to bend.
  5. Fold the clothes. While we must avoid creating, large piles of clothing that crumble easily, also advised fold the clothes to gain more space. A good compromise is to use the shelves and interior drawers for it.
  6. Save the footwear boxes. It is the best way to maintain order and prevent spoilage shoes. A good idea is to stick a label on each box to see what’s inside without opening them.
  7. Use boxes to store clothes another season. More space and keeping order in boxes winter clothes during the hot months, and vice versa.
  8. Use the drawers for accessories. Being smaller items like scarves or belts, it is best to store them in drawers that are not lost.

What other tricks you to get the most out of your closet?

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