Tips For Staying Warm in Your House During Winter

Feeling cold indoors is not only uncomfortable but it can also make doing everyday tasks such as showering, almost unbearable. It is important to find out the possible reasons your house is cold and improve the insulation as much as possible. This will not only make it more pleasant for you to live in, but also conserve energy. It could be that your boiler needs looking at and you’ll need to find a service Boiler Repair Gloucester. Click here to Get your boiler repaired in Gloucester. Read on for tips for staying warm in your house during winter.

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Firstly, to improve the heat insulation in your home, purchase thermal curtains. When it’s sunny outside, you could keep your curtains open to take advantage of the heat to warm up your house.

Secondly, make sure that any soft furnishings and clothes are away from, and not covering, your radiators. It can be a good idea to place reflective panels behind your radiators, so they are heating up the room rather than the wall.

Whilst you do everything possible to retain heat in the house, don’t forget to prevent cold air from entering. You can do this by putting draught excluders around the house such as the long draught excluders to block cold air coming in from under the doors. You can buy draught excluders that are sticky on one side to put around the windows.

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Lastly, during the time you wait for your boiler to be fixed and try to insulate your house as much as possible, wrap up warm with extra layers of clothing. You can heat up your bed by placing a hot water bottle under the sheets before you go to sleep.

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