Whilst many of us spend a lot of time and money on making sure that our home is secure, we can often forget to pay as much attention to our sheds and garages. These are often places where we store lots of high value items, like our car, bicycles, and power tools and gardening equipment.

They are also very attractive to burglars as they are typically not as secure yet contain these high value items. So how can you improve the security of your garage and garden shed? Here are some ideas that may help you…

Locks – When it comes to locks, many people use a padlock on their shed, which is simple for many burglars to cut off. With garages, they may use a coat hanger to easily break through the lock. So, you need to up your game when it comes to locking your outbuildings. Replacing your garage door with something which is more secure is important – go to a specialist like this garage doors Taunton based supplier Up and Over Garage Doors, who will be able to help and advise you to make sure that you get the right door for you. When it comes to the shed, using a few different types of lock is a good way to reduce the risk of someone getting in.

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Lighting – Something else that makes outbuildings like sheds and garages an attractive prospect to burglars is the reduced chance of being spotted whilst going about their business. Using lighting is a great way to keep your sheds and garages more secure. Security lighting around the buildings will activate when there is movement nearby, so is a great choice to use in secluded spots in the garden. Garages should be kept as easily visible as possible so if you have lots of foliage around them this is also something to consider cutting back to reduce the number of hiding places for burglars.

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Storage – The items that are inside your shed or garage should also be secured – for example, a bike can be locked in, and you can buy lockable bike storage. Keep tools in locked storage units too. This way, if they do manage to break it, their chances of actually being able to make off with anything is much lower.