The Housing Design Awards get a topical update

The Housing Design Awards are accepting entries once again for the finest buildings in the UK, and this year there is a new award to fight over.

The Housing Design Awards get a topical update

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The Housing Design Awards have a long history of raising awareness of social issues and encouraging aesthetically-pleasing designs. The Awards were founded in response to the need to rebuild Britain after the war and the belief that buildings should be designed and created lovingly rather than thrown up quickly and carelessly − a practice that was common in the post-Blitz scrabble for housing.

Social conscience

The original awards take into account residents’ needs in a building; family-friendly, affordable designs; and buildings best suited to renters. There is also an award presented to the building considered most appropriate for an ageing population; meanwhile, the Mayor of London Award is the most coveted and is awarded to the best design in London.

Looks are important

While social factors are crucial, it is no surprise that the judges also pay a lot of attention to the look of the designs. While aesthetics is the crux of great design, it is also considered key to a resident’s reaction to a dwelling and to the general air of a location surrounding it; after all, run-down buildings don’t make for an up-and-coming area. The stunning designs of last year’s winners can be seen on the Housing Design Awards website.

The new award

The Housing Design Awards founded the new category with help from London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC), the authority responsible for promoting sustainable development within the capital. Founded in 2002, the LSDC framework was developed to take responsibility, get results, manage resources and develop respect.

Taking into account both social and aesthetic factors, the new Housing Design Award is for the best high-density housing. Given the steadily-growing London housing crisis, space is truly at a premium within the capital. Architects across the UK, such as Buckingham chartered architect Ragozzino, are experimenting with new ways to make use of space, such as adding a storey or remodelling an interior.

With a new award and a steadily-growing reputation for representing the needs of both residents and developers, the Housing Design Awards are set to continue their decades-long journey as a key player in the UK’s design industry.

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