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Did you know that there are various different types of both wall and floor brick slips? Brick slips are slim sections of actual brick and paving stones that provide the authentic appearance of brick but with more flexibility. Slips are a more flexible way to achieve the look you desire but can be installed internally and externally onto almost any kind of surface.

These slips are also sometimes called veneers or tiles and consist of thin slices of bricks or tiles that have been specifically constructed to give the appearance of conventional brick walls. They can be used inside the home or for external applications to transform the look of your home from the outside.

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Brick slips are mostly installed for the pleasing look and are a quick, simple and economical way to have conventional brick layers on either external or internal walls. They are low maintenance and have the added benefit of being highly durable. For more information on Brick Cladding, visit

The way in which brick slips perform is very similar to original bricks. These include properties like being non-flammable, reusable, energy efficient, long-lasting and breathable. No other type of home cladding offers this kind of aesthetic benefit or useful practicality.

Residential Brick Slips – a great way to embrace the look of exposed brickwork and transform the look of your home.

Commercial Brick Slips – Update a dated commercial property with traditional and authentic looking brick for a contemporary and easy to maintain look.

How are brick slips made?

Brick slips are mostly constructed in a couple of different ways. One method is cutting thin pieces from standard bricks and this is the more traditional way to produce brick slips. It also allows for flexibility in the width of each slip.

The second method is like the above process for making standard cut bricks, but the required width of the slip is divided into sections prior to the firing process. Many producers find this a more economical approach to manufacturing brick slips, although this process does not give the same amount of flexibility in the size options available.

What can brick slips be used for?

Brick slips can be installed in a wide variety of both inside and outside uses. Whether you want to glam up an existing fireplace or create a feature wall to add ‘wow’ factor to your interior design. You can also use it as a full-coverage exterior cladding, whether you have a bungalow or are responsible for a block of high-rise flats. The use of brick slips is now as varied as its range of benefits.

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You’ll see brick slips in many different market sectors, both residential and commercial properties. You also don’t have to think big with brick slips, as they are just as easy to install for smaller rooms, whether it’s a brand-new build or you need to retrofit for a renovation project.

The demand for brick slips has recently increased to include not just cladding for walls but also for exciting and unique paving and flooring. They are available in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes and can mimic the appearance of a stunning natural clay floor.



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