Spring Clean

Planning your Spring Clean for 2016

As you sit down to write your Christmas list, spare a little time to think of what you can do for your home in the New Year. Planning ahead really does pay, and spring has always been the traditional time for a deep clean to prepare your home for the year ahead. Make a list of tasks you need to accomplish this spring, so that you can carry them out in a sensible order rather than finding yourself hanging fresh curtains up at grimy windows.

Spring Clean

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Getting Started

If there is any decorating to be done, this should be carried out first. Even if it is simply repainting a door or window frame, make sure the fabric of your home is sound before beginning your big spring clean. The same goes for any repairs, so fix any problems and patch up any scuffs or noticeable blemishes in plaster and woodwork.


Sparkling bright windows and attractive curtains make your home look good both inside and out, so make sure your curtains are laundered or professionally cleaned. In addition to improving their appearance, regular cleaning will also prolong the life of your curtains. Some companies that offer curtain cleaning in London will also take down and re-hang your curtains for you, leaving them looking as good as new. If any repairs to the fabric are needed this can be undertaken at this time, and curtain cleaning in London can also encompass stain removal.


For extensive upholstery problems, you may want to contact a company like www.sooperclean.co.uk or others offering professional upholstery cleaning. This is carried out in your home with minimal disruption to your daily routine, and can freshen up chairs and sofas as well as removing any stains that might be present. Professional steam cleaning can also revive worn fabrics and improve the appearance of your soft furnishings.


Finally, ensure that all your carpets are clean and stain free. Most professionals would recommend chemical free cleaning methods such as hot water extraction or steam cleaning unless your carpets are heavily soiled. In certain areas of the home it may be necessary to use a shampooing method to remove ingrained dirt, but a professional carpet cleaning company will be able to advise on this.

The spring sunshine highlights grime, so planning a deep clean at this time of year is well worthwhile.

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