Open kitchen: Advantages and disadvantages

While only we saw the open kitchens in American homes, but this trend has jumped a few years ago our country, making the famous lofts an innovative concept and associated with luxury. Why many people decide to open the kitchen to other rooms, but before carrying out this reform should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this type of cuisine.

Advantages of open kitchens

Among the advantages that have open kitchens include…

Open kitchen Advantages and disadvantages– Increased light: The kitchen usually has large windows and good access to the outside, which we will gain natural light also in the living room and the living room. Thus light will save consumption and achieve a more pleasant environment.

– Breadth: By opening this area we will gain amplitude within it, something highly recommended because they are usually very small. By winning space we can work more comfortably within it and get rid of any feelings of claustrophobia.

– Interacting with the rest of the family with open kitchens we can talk with others while we cook and watch TV or have sight to the smallest of the house.

Disadvantage of open kitchens

But these open kitchens also have drawbacks, among these the main ones are:

– The smell: Not always the hood can absorb the entire odor generated when cooking. This would come to the lounge and all rooms have direct connection with the kitchen, so if you usually prepare dishes very strong aromas, it is best to keep a closed structure.

– The noise: Some tools like pressure cooker or fryer, causing a very annoying noise. These can resultant uncomfortable when watching TV or want to relax in the lounge.

– Distractions: We sometimes use the kitchen as a way to de- stress and enjoy our own space, preparing delicious dishes. If we open this room we will be giving up this quiet, because we will be exposed to other distractions and noise.

Do you like open kitchens? After seeing their advantages and disadvantages did you prefer the classic?

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