Keep your Home Safe this Summer Holiday Season

As we all start to look forward to enjoying a well-earned summer holiday this year, something that we should all be aware of as we head off on our holidays once more is the possibility of burglaries. Burglars have not had as much opportunity in the last eighteen months due to lockdowns, but as the country opens up and goes back to normal, we need to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting our homes from burglars who once again have more opportunities.

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Home security is important, and it is good to make your home generally safer and more difficult for a would-be burglar to gain a cess too. For example, at the front of the house get some electric gates for your driveway fitted by a specialist like this electric gates Gloucester based company. At the back of your house, make sure your garden is difficult to access – repair fencing and plant spiky plants like holly to deter intruders looking to climb in.

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If you are going on holiday, take some extra steps to reduce the risk of a break in. Get a neighbour to pop in on a daily basis and collect post, and generally make the place look lived in. Do not put details of the holiday or mention that you are going away on social media as this could be seen by a burglar and then they will know that your home is empty.

A home security system is another good idea – cameras and security alarms also act as a deterrent to a burglar as of course they won’t want to be seen!

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