paint a house

Ideas to paint a house

Before thinking about a decorative style in furniture, textiles, accessories and in many other details, you know what we need to consider as a starting point when decorating? First of all, consider the color of the walls.

And contrary to what many people may think, the walls give us more decorative possibilities than we imagine. Want to know some of them? In this article, you will find interesting and original ideas to decorate the walls.

With vinyl: the most comfortable option

Whether we are fond of decoration, as if we have experience in this field, decorating and painting walls is available to anyone who wants to give a new style to the house. Everything depends on the type of decoration you want to achieve.

paint a house

For the inexperienced, vinyl option is almost always the best. They are easy to insert and remove and allow us to give the walls a new style without having to enlist the help of a professional. But yes, first of all, we must consider the type of vinyl we want. Find something that matches your room, that is, the colors and the decorative style. Think about where you would like to place and then follow the advice given by the manufacturer.

Textures and weathered effect

Another original idea to decorate the walls with creativity is to create an effect. For example, we can choose textured walls are a great option for simple, minimalist environments.

We can also choose to paint walls with gradient effect also combining the colors of the decor of our room, with the tones of the paintings that we will use. The effect gradient is rarely a decorative appeal too frequent. However, it is a choice of the most creative and highly recommended when looking for something different. Do not you think you can achieve this effect? In that case, the ideal is to have the help of a professional.

Timeless elegance

And speaking of colors, what are the most recommended painting the walls? Everything depends on the type of room and the decorative style you want to achieve. The burnished are a great option for its elegant and timeless character. They also help us to achieve a warm and welcoming decor, so it is recommended especially in rooms intended for rest and the living room and bedroom.

In small rooms, light colors bring light and space. While dark colors, although they are smarter, make the stay seem smaller. This is very important before decorating the walls.

Fluorescent colors

For the more daring, the colors fluoride can be a great decorative choice. These hues bring vitality and dynamism to any room. We can also create color contrasts with interesting colors like mint green and azure although these explosive mixtures are recommended only in eclectic environments and accompanied by a decor in keeping with the walls.

And it is that the color contrasts are highly recommended to consider options. The more daring can also choose to mix a pumpkin with a powerful salmon for walls as stylish as creative. Of course, if you’re considering these combinations, our advice is that you use in rooms with high energy such as transit zones.

The final touch for a fun and stylish walls is in charge of accessories like frames, photo frames, and other whims. What other ideas can you think of?

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