It’s not always easy to achieve a consistent look. This is especially true if you built your home and outbuildings at different times. You may not want to match everything exactly, but you might just want the outbuildings as a complement.

Colour is one of the easiest ways to match your outbuildings with your house. You can make a huge improvement with a simple can of paint. Use the same colour, sheen and texture as your home for everything from the siding and trim to the doors.

Trim – In addition to the colour of the trim, ensure that it is the same size or similar in proportions as your house. Use the same pattern on other buildings if your home has a lot of trim. For Cotswold Builders, consider

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Hardware- Door hardware is often overlooked. However, it’s important to have the same finish, and as similar a design as you can.

Roof- If you have a building with a roof of a different colour, it is worth replacing. It makes a big difference to have the roof and paint the same colour. It will also make your home look bigger and more defined.

Siding – If your siding is different from the siding of the outbuildings you may want to consider matching the siding. This is a good idea if your siding needs to be repaired.

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Landscaping- Don’t overlook the landscaping. You can add charm by having trees, bushes and flowers that match the main house.

Porches & Decking – Consider adding a beautiful porch or decking that complements or matches the main house. These small touches will make an impression on your family and guests.