Spending time enjoying the garden in the summer is a great way to relax and unwind and is also something that many of us look forward to in the warmer months of the year. After many months indoors with the heating on, the chance to get out and enjoy the garden once again is something to really relish.

As well as you, the wildlife will also be enjoying the warmer weather and many creatures will be looking for homes, places to bring up their young and of course food. In the UK there are many species that are worryingly dwindling in numbers from insects to birds to mammals, so creating space in your garden to share with the wildlife is a great way to play your part in helping the planet and the creatures that we share it with.

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Creating a safe habitat for creatures to live in is something that we can all do, no matter the size of the garden or where we live. Certain types of plants and wildflowers can easily be ordered online nowadays from places like this wholesale plants supplier, Palmstead Kent. Research the types of plants that are best for the bees and butterflies and create as many undisturbed areas as possible that they can enjoy. If you can have a meadow area of long grasses and wildflowers that doesn’t get mowed – this is a huge help to lots of creatures.

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Homes can also be provided for insects and birds at this time of the year. Put up nesting boxes and bee houses so that the creatures in your local area have a space spot to live in. Bats are also in need of a place to rest, so look into what species of bats are living nearby and provide bat houses for them too.

When it comes to food, there is little more enjoyable to watch in the garden than a bird table. Birds will have young chicks to feed at this time, so a regular supply of foods like seeds and fat balls will attract many different birds to your garden. Ensure that the feeding area is high up and safe from predators like foxes and cats which may be on the prowl too!