If the thought of a new year puts you in mind of a fresh start, there’s no better place to start than your home and the new year is a great time to have a clear out and take stock, especially if you have some home improvements in mind.

Living Room

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Granted, spending money may not be high on your agenda, but if you’re thinking about some home renovations or decorating, why not start planning? After all, the planning is probably the most fun part.

Interior decorating is influenced by trends in the same way fashion is and if you want your sitting room to be ahead of the game, here are a few glimpses at what’s hot for 2016.

Vintage Reigns Supreme

Vintage-inspired interiors are still on trend for the coming year and reflect fashion’s current 1950s and 1970s influences. Look for inspiration from design classics, whether that’s a heritage piece, or some of the high-quality reproduction designer furniture available. You can mix and match of course, using pieces of your own furniture to create a unique and affordable look. An armchair or coffee table could bring your room to life without costing a fortune.


Another continuing trend, metallics are still big news. Rose gold has been very popular, and one of the big trends for 2016 will be pale pink. Mix with coppers and golds, as pink moves from the high street to the world of interiors. If pink’s too ‘pink’ for your tastes, turn to the gold shades, as these look set to take over from copper as the metallic of choice. New cushions, or accessories will instantly add colour.

Natural Materials

Marble is making a comeback everywhere. Look for bowls or vases and smaller objects to make an affordable change. Other materials like wood and metals like brass and copper are sure to feature strongly in design magazines. For an experiment, combine metal and marble by using appliances like Arco floor lamps from firms like Pash Living designer furniture suppliers or others elsewhere.

Colour Pop

Blue is big news on the catwalk and this is also seen in the world of interiors, particularly indigo and midnight blue. There’s also likely to be lots of green about, which ties in with the trend for leaf and foliage prints that are popping up in fabrics and wallpapers.