Five renovation time savers you cannot ignore

Home renovations are big business around this time of year, with people preparing their home for the cold winter months, and there are many ways you can renovate your home without spending a lot of money and time on lengthy procedures that do not give value for money. Read on to discover five great time savers for renovation projects big and small.


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1. Get the right lighting

Instead of spending money and time on fitting new windows, think about the lighting fittings you are currently using. The sun rises in the east; therefore, bedrooms work well on the east side of the house. The south has the most sun all day; therefore, lounges benefit from facing south. Use bright ceiling lights and good lamps at different levels from floor to ceiling to get the best lighting solution for each room.

2. Check out used materials

Sometimes heading to your local recycling centre can offer fast, easy ways to renovate your home. From lightly-used fittings to building materials, recycled goods can also save you money on brand new items for your home. There are many more renovation tips online; for example, the BBC offers advice to budding developers, while the Guardian has advice about renovating sustainably.

3. Keep the plumbing where it is

Trying to move the kitchen sink, the toilet or other plumbed household fittings can waste a lot of time and money. Wherever possible, try to build your renovations around your existing plumbing. If you really must move a plumbed fitting, try to upgrade to at least make the sacrifice of time and money worthwhile.

4. Get a good front gate

Rather than spending time renovating the entire garden, sometimes a few small changes can make all the difference. A new front gate gives the house an instant makeover and improves security. There are many providers that can fit a new front gate and automatic gates in Gloucestershire, such as New gates do not have to cost the earth or take a long time to fit.

5. Plan early

Make sure your renovation plans are all arranged before you start your project. Get a good idea of the fittings you like and the price you want to pay. By preparing for all the eventualities, you can save time when the project is underway.

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