Decorate rooms with two heights

Each house has its structure, and often we do not take those details that make the difference between a home and another. Some modern homes have a floating floor that raises a zone of rest of the house.

Such structures are ideal for spectacular decorations and separate environments without partitions or other methods of division. You want ideas for decorating stays at different levels ? Let us begin!

Decorate rooms with two heightsNormally stays usually have two heights different usually the living room or dining room. However, this does not mean we can meet bathrooms , kitchens or bedrooms with different heights. What can be sure is that all of them, you can get an incredible advantage, much more than you can imagine.

If the room where you have to two heights different, you can decorate the top of the dining room. Thanks to the height difference is not necessary to change the base colors both rooms, although you can choose a different for each touch. For example, in the dining area that all objects are decorative orange and all the room are in blue. It is a good solution to differentiate a little more two spaces.

In the bathroom can be a real past have two levels because the high you can place a free bath or a Jacuzzi, depending on the square footage with which you count. On the other hand, the bedroom can also be a perfect to decorate space on two levels. Having the rise bed on a platform or access it with a couple of steps will give a special air to this space you can sleep closer to the stars. What are you waiting for apothecary a living room, bathroom or bedroom to two heights?

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