Whether you live in a studio apartment in the centre of London, or a huge mansion in the rural settings of the Cotswolds, the thought of fitting your property with luxury or antique fixtures and furnishings is something that for many of us, would be something we would like to aspire to.

And whilst the decision whether to or not is often down to money and budgets, some elements could be down to size, as if you live in a very small property with low ceilings and young children, then a luxury chandelier, or indeed anything of luxury or value, might not be suitable. You will find many independent retailers like http://roccoborghese.com/ that specialise in selling luxury chandeliers, and you won’t be short of options, but is it really the right investment for you and your home?

Wanting something that costs a lot of money and looks amazing, like a luxury chandelier, not only depends on having the cash in the bank to afford, but it also needs to be the right place and time.

Investing thousands on chandeliers to line your home only for them to be damaged by a ball being kicked indoors is not really the vision you originally had when you dreamt of having them installed!

According to the home improvement website The Spruce, making sure the chandelier and your room or rooms are of the suitable size is so important.

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Whilst chandeliers come in many sizes, shapes and dimensions, you need to make sure it fits in your room, as investing a few thousand pounds only for you to find it does not fit correctly, will break not only your heart but also your bank balance. It is also important to keep your chandelier away from large pieces of furniture and walls, with 4 feet the main suggestion, as this allows enough room for the correct elements of installation.

It could also make sense that instead of having one major centre piece, as in one huge chandelier, you have a couple of smaller ones, as this takes the emphasis away but still gives you the presence of having these special items in your home. And remember, the chandelier will be providing light for your home, so whilst it is important to get something that looks stunning, you still need it to perform a job, so make sure its function is what you want, along with the look of it as well.

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So, when it comes to your property and installing a chandelier, take time to consider the size of your room, how many chandeliers you are looking for and whether they will be an effective light source. But, generally, with so many sizes available, most properties are suited to a chandelier, as long as the situation of them is correct.