Common problems faced during a renovation

Renovating an old house can be beneficial, but it is not an easy job. The problem with renovating old houses is that they may seem in good condition, but underlying problems can develop during renovation. That is why it is a good idea to hire a professional building contractor; they are always ready to expect the unexpected. Here are some common problems encountered when renovating older homes:


Plumbing problems are common with older homes as galvanized pipes have become clogged or corroded. This problem is not confined to the pipes in the house, but also extends to the sewer line. Galvanised pipes were used before 1960 and should be replaced with copper or plastic.

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Older houses often emit a musty odour caused by mould fungus that grows as a result of prolonged pipe leakage. Hire a professional to address a mould problem during construction – they can detect the source of the leak and fix the problem.

Dry rot

Many homes have dry rot problems that often go hidden until work begins. Even when the original leak is fixed, dry rot can carry on spreading, continuing to damage more wood. If the timber in question is involved in structural support, this is not something you want to tackle yourself.

Foundation problems

Old houses are built in a way that don’t allow for the proper gradation of water runoff, which typically leads to mould in the basement. Basic problems can be detected from cracks in the floor, wall, and doors and windows that stick.


Houses built over 40 years ago could contain asbestos. It is a fire-resistant product that was widely used in construction. It is found in HVAC systems, flooring, insulation, duct work, and roofing. Asbestos is not dangerous if it is in good condition. Difficulties begin when it turns into a powder during cutting or sawing, for example. In powder form, it can be inhaled and can cause severe lung damage. That is why it is very important to have a professional removal company to detect and remove the asbestos in your home. For Asbestos Removal Essex, visit a site like

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Electrical wiring in older homes can be a problem because the original system that was put in is not well-equipped for the modern power equipment of today. Old, brittle and damaged cables can cause short circuits that mean the house becomes a fire hazard. It is probably a good time to update the wiring system.

Lead paint

When renovating a house built prior to 1978, there is a high possibility that there is lead in the paint. Lead is released into the air when lead paint is sanded or heated. Dust from lead paint is very dangerous to pets and children as well as adults. Have a professional inspect and test the home for lead before you start anything.


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