Often we need to travel around the bathroom, but neither have the time nor we can afford a comprehensive reform. Let me suggest 5 Tricks low cost to the bathroom look new with little expense and ingenuity.

We are sales time, so we can find many bargains and renew concrete bath before going on holiday, to around new season with renovated bathroom.

5 tricks low cost to renovate the bathroom without worksChange the floor

Simple and very cheap in the market we can find very many offers vinyl flooring easy to install and that will give a whole new look to your bathroom. If you’d rather spend a little more you can find on Amazon great reform tiles to make your low cost.

To paint the tiles

This trick needs good deal of patience and creativity, you can see some inspiring images to give you an idea of what to do in the walls of your bathroom.

Renew faucets

It seems incredible what they can do some designer fittings with a quarter of a dated bathroom . Change the faucets and the atmosphere will change completely!

A different touch

A great idea is to play with repainted tiles and sanitary. You can combine colors or if you have good hand, drawings to create a magical atmosphere. You can also put a sophisticated appliques or a table with candles … these details make the difference.

Let your textiles complete the transformation

Take advantage of the discounts, we can not constellation more. This is the time to get closer to Zara Home, H & M Home or any other center and get fantastic opportunities. Simply with a change of textiles the bathroom will look like another.