What’s the best way to heat a garden office is a common question, and one to which the answer will vary depending on numerous factors, including the size of the office, the climate of the location and, inevitably, the budget of the owner.

5 more ways to heat a garden office

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What follows are five more ways to heat a garden office, ways which are perhaps slightly less obvious, but definitely options for consideration.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units are a good idea for those work areas which may rise in temperature quickly. For example, large computers or equipment may give off heat, in which case the interior temperature may fluctuate. This is where air con comes into its own as a means of both heating and cooling the office.

Bottled Gas

A mainstay of mobile homes, gas heaters are perfect for those that have a limited electrical supply to their garden workshop or office. Gas can be purchased in large bottles which then need to be connected to the interior heating unit. The major drawback is that the bottles are fairly large and will need to be changed regularly.


Not so widely available, but infrared heaters warm those inside the office, rather than the room itself. They are economical and especially efficient. Whilst it may sound a little futuristic, infrared is worth considering for those looking for performance and economy.

Solar Heat

A solar system uses the sun’s rays to warm water as it passes through roof mounted radiator systems. Once installed, they have very low operating costs, as they use renewable energy that doesn’t ever need to be purchased. One obvious drawback is solar energy may not be widely available in certain areas.


Finally, a room can be designed with heat conservation in mind. For example, south facing windows and dark flooring will help retain solar heat, floor and ceiling insulation will make the most of heating systems and therefore increase economy, and double glazing will also provide insulation benefits. It may be useful to consult professionals, such as http://www.gardenspaces.co.uk/  when designing a garden office room.

As we have seen, there are numerous options when it comes to heating a garden office. It will be necessary to weigh up the pros and cons of each, as well as the cost/efficiency ratio of the different methods.