At last! Already spring came! You know I like to anticipate seasons presenting with forecast what the new decorative ideas that come from the hand of these will, but as usual the spring comes suddenly and I still do not I have told you what stylistic references will guide this new stage of the year so before the end of the last month of winter want to tell, because better late than never, what five trends will be the stars of this spring 2016…

5 decorating trends for spring 20161) Nature VS mathematics

To receive the station in which nature unfolds her mantle more colorful could not miss the classic floral print, ranging from floral motifs such as plants and flowers up to the more exotic, such as fruits or tropical trees that anticipate the summer, and even it also allows you to jump flora to fauna, with wild patterns and animal print. In contrast to these textures as vivid found a trend also on the rise, based on this case in the serenity of straight lines, repeating patterns, symmetry … are the geometric prints, an aesthetic that is gaining popularity because of the elegance gives every environment. It comes from the avant-garde and that house very well with the minimalist styles. These two types of pattern are on opposite principle does not mean that they can be combined in the same space, but both have a strong presence, therefore it is essential to know manage without recharging.

2) Wine and Roses

But blue roses. These two, apart from good companions for any time of relaxation spring are the colors that will star in the season . Maybe if you listen to their official names, Marsala and Indigo, do not come to mind what colors we’re talking about, so I explain that this is a garnet reminiscent of red wine and dark but brilliant respectively blue. They are imposing itself as favorite colors for any decorative detail, as well as for large furniture and textiles. For its strong tone can become alone in the leitmotiv of a particular room or the entire house, although some even encouraged to combine between them. It is important to belittle based colors like white or gray, but can also be balanced with another chromatic fashion trends continues in this new season: the pastel tones.

3) Nature inside and outside

With the arrival of good weather not only, perhaps forgotten, terrace reactive; bet this year is within reconcile with outside. The use of natural plants and flowers both in the yard and inside the house give a harmonious or even zen touch to the whole. The succulents and cactuses, two species that do not need Pampered, are two of the favorite choices for this spring. You can support the natural flavors of the vegetation with a candle or essential oils burner. There are also options to the latest domestic minihuert and vertical gardens within the election in / out. All this natural presence, combined with recycled materials, organic materials and decoration DIY can bring a touch of the more rustic and ecofriendly, well as economic!

4) Surfaces color, metal details

How could it be otherwise, from YA we will dump all the colors on our home to welcome the warm season, but this year we will specifically on two fronts. On the one hand, all the fabric that you can imagine. On the other, turning the walls. It ended up using neutral colors for vertical surfaces and trends 2016 mark a specific use for this purpose of techniques such as wallpaper or decorative vinyl. In addition to the two tones that I have explained before -Indigo – Marsala and yellow adds, but it is also an important element in the contrast on these colorful surfaces provides the use of metals, one of the most innovative proposals, with special preference for the gold and, above all, by the copper.

5) From the sea to the factory

Another great contrast that will portray this quarter is the preference for two very different decorative styles: the Mediterranean and industrial. The first commitment relaxed environments, a strong presence of pure white and blue palette, natural materials such as untreated wood and fibers and, ultimately, a look very sailor. The second, meanwhile, agrees the use of recycled or ecological materials, but has a much cruder and vintage air, because as we discussed on another occasion is inspired by the old furniture factory lofts of origin. Which do you stay? Do you dare to combine them?