How to choose curtains for the bedroom

You want to put beautiful curtains in your bedroom and do not know where to start? Keep reading, because with these simple tips you will make your room change image. The curtains have an important aesthetic function, and are one of the most important accessories in the bedroom. They can make a space more available light, have excellent picture and look bigger.

We will give you a few simple tips to make the decision to choose the best curtains for your bedroom. The idea is that with this accessory maximizes interior decoration of the room so one of the key aspects is that the curtains harmonize with the decor of the house.

How to choose curtains for the bedroomA good idea to choose those curtains is to use a color palette to choose the most appropriate shades, as you must pursue a style to match the overall decor of that space so personal. If you have already chosen curtains above and just want to replace them, have much clearer what colors to use. Look at your room, your walls, and fabric cushions and see the range predominating to choose the tone of the curtains. If you have questions, you can decanter neutral colors that do not fail.

Another aspect you should consider when choosing curtains for your bedroom is to think about the type of fabric. If you’re going to put them in a sunny window, the best choice is to use linen, silk or velvet materials as they are very resistant to sun and very durable over time.

But if you want your room darker, you can limit the entry of light with thicker curtains; you could choose velvet upholstery that sunlight does not penetrate much. Regarding the fabric, it is advisable to consult your composition and verify that makes balls. It is also important to take some fire retardant treatment so that in case of fire does not burn.

To choose the best curtains for your bedroom you will have to seriously consider the size you want. Before buying or ordering a custom drapery, you must take accurate measurements of the height and width, depending on what you want to place or need.

To measure must take into account both the width of the window as long you want the shade cover. If your room has low ceilings and small, it is necessary that the curtains are longer and reach almost to the ground seem so space is much broader. In the case where you’re wrong long we invite you to read our article on shortening a curtain.

We have already commented that the curtains should harmonize with the bedroom decor but should not be like bedding or furniture fabric, but seem that the room where you sleep is much smaller and stressful. You should also consider the thickness of the fabric as it will help to attract the bedroom light to a greater or lesser extent.

Do not make the mistake of choosing all shades of the same house, each room is unique and must customize each room in your home has a utility and you must adapt the curtains to each. Not the same choose curtains for the kitchen to the bedroom, in the kitchen need light to work and a fabric that is susceptible to more washes. In the bedroom, the light may be high and you can choose a fabric that stands out for its beauty and not for its durability and resistance to washing.

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