4 tips to choose tablecloth

There are endless designs a tablecloth: smooth, textured, patterned, theme, embroidery, round, classic … The decision is uphill to have so much to choose from can be a challenge overcome and today I want to tell you how. Here I leave 4 tips to choose tablecloth…

Stay and season

Choosing the material is one of the essential points when buying a tablecloth again. For this, we assess many variants of context: what room will be, will be a tablecloth removable or fixed, decorative or functional, for a side table or for the head table of a room, indoor or outdoor, for a date or special occasion, we are in August or January … Believe me, there’s a tablecloth for each of these cases, even when combined between them. Natural fibers such as cotton or linen are big players in this textile section, but we must move on to vinyl options if, for example, the case of a tablecloth for the table on the terrace (it weighs more and prevents it from blowing away it is easy to clean without washing, is waterproof …) or have present an option that is on the agenda: the acrylic coated tablecloths.

4 tips to choose tableclothFor good measure

Whether you are going to buy cut fabric as if you prefer a ready – made tablecloth is very important to keep in mind (and on paper, if necessary) measures the table that will dress. Fears must not only in the area of the surface of the furniture , but at the height of its legs, as this is the main element that will determine centimeters fall of the fabric on the sides. If this vertical section exceeds 20 centimeters is quite possible that rubbing the legs of diners: avoid it by all means and make your guests feel uncomfortable.


The appeal of placemats for each diner is a very practical idea for an original layout of the table .These can be used independently, with the help of other trivet to place the dishes and other elements of the center of the table, or combined on a main tablecloth. In this case it is advisable to choose designs and contrasting colors to overlap (black on white, textured on smooth blend of materials, etc).

It is way to decorate

Do not forget that the tablecloth is a decorative item, so we can place not only at a table to eat but to simply embellish the furniture and part of the whole. If we continue delving into the variety of designs, we reached a tablecloth variation has the advantage of much wear while protecting furniture: table runners. They are elongated format tablecloths are great for tables of two diners but can also be combined for larger cases, or function as protective textile to places, figures, or other items of decoration on an auxiliary cabinet. They can also be combined on a conventional cloth just as I have suggested in the case of tablecloths placemats.

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